Twitter for the Technically Challenged

  1. Acronyms first, correct spelling and grammar second! This goes for everyone. Repeat after me “shorthand, shorthand, shorthand”
    • Need the Cliff Notes version? Print this out and hang it next to your Post-it with your password on it!
  2. You get 140 characters — no more.
  3. This includes your hashtags (if you are over 40 and raised in the US, this is what you grew up calling the “pound sign”)……for you peeps still calling Russia the USSR, try to start using the term, “hashtag”
  4. And at-signs
  5. If you are going to complain on twitter, make sure you equally thank and praise as well. Your tweet history can been seen by the world.  You don’t want to look like a grouchy old man, angry with the world  and finding fault with everyone and everything. If all you do is bitch, your tweets will not be seen as relevant; you will just look like a complainer, and most likely ignored.
  6. Anyone that you want your tweet to show up on their list and notify them that you sent it, make sure you @-them in your tweet
  7. Once you are in Twitter, find the the search box (in the upper-right corner), type in the name of the company or person you are looking for.  Note their @ address.
  8. If there is a specific subject/s of your tweet?  Add the corresponding hashtags: Not sure what they are?  Use the Twitter search, put a keyword in, or two, and find hashtags that match your subject.  This is a better approach than making up your own and/or check out this article
  9. Just jump in with both feet, you’ll swim just fine!

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