Fortech Solutions is a specialized group of business systems experts, solution architects, and platform agnostic edtech professionals specializing in assisting organizations with workflow management, process improvement, training programs, eLearning platforms, and help desk solutions.

Fortech’s success stems from our extensive knowledge and unique approach that launches your company to the next level.

We integrate actions with visual and verbal activities in learning modules to increase the learner’s retention of the material, keeping your audiences captivated and lowering overall training costs.

Competitive Advantage – What Sets Us Apart?

With a collective 80 years of experience as senior level engineers and project managers for infrastructure hardware and software management, our team includes some of the best and brightest eLearning industry professionals, delivering high quality eLearning solutions.

Don’t speak tech? We can translate. We understand the needs and frustrations of non-technical stakeholders. We can bridge the gap between the technical and non-technical needs of the organization, thus streamlining the project at hand.

We don’t just slap a slide deck online and call it training. By following proven pedagogy principles, we can create custom-made eLearning for any industry. Engagement is key; adding interactive pieces to training materials increases learner retention, adds value, and decreases costs.


Expertise In:

  • LMS Integration and migration experience (15 years)
  • Moodle, WordPress, Adobe Connect
  • Extensive open-source community participation (commercial) experience
  • Technical communications documents, SLAs and standards
  • Multimedia creation – Graphic design, video, audio
  • Online & blended Industry Compliance Training, including course design
  • Secondary blended learning projects, including course design
  • Help desk solutions including, assessment, process & escalation management
  • Strategic Application Development


Our Team Members

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Our Partners

When we need an expert outside of our teams’ skill-set, we reach out to our partners and bring them in for their expertise and services.


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