“Kathryn really knows project management AND gamification! Thank you for the great presentation!”
~ Dylan Romero, USF

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at Unschool. Kathryn proved to be extremely knowledgeable and able to articulate her company’s value proposition to students that might not have had an idea about your industry. Ms. Loureiro, the class teacher, wrote “seeing the students engaging not only amongst themselves but also being completely into the presentation and asking questions” during the presentation. Ms. Fortin definitely connected and impacted those students as she talked about nontraditional school experiences and route to being a business owner. Kathryn’s message of courage and not being afraid of failure will benefit all who listen.
~ Hasani Johnson, Junior Achievement of Sacramento

“When I attend any training program, the primary thing I want is new information about the topic, not a rehash of what I already know. Kathryn’s presentation not only provided me with new information but demonstrated how to incorporate it into real, usable knowledge and tasks. I was excited to implement what I learned, which is what training is designed for! Thank you, Kathryn!”

~ Katherine B. Adraktas, Consultkatherine, LLC

“I had the true pleasure of attending Kathryn Fortin’s presentation on IT Project Management just as I was transitioning into a PM role several years ago. I still think back to this lesson when I face new challenges. Delivered concisely, with wit and humor, her presentations always make a lasting impression. I consider Kathryn one of my ‘must see’ presenters at any eLearning event.”
~ Shalimar Anderson, Moonami Inc.