eLearning System Needs Assessment



Not one eLearning platform out there fits every organization’s needs. But, depending on your needs, some will fit better than others. You should find the platform that fits your needs, not try to contort your needs and requirements into a platform! I hate walking into a company and seeing they were dazzled by a salesman and sold software that they will never fully use.
If you are not sure you are getting the most out of your current LMS or you are trying to decide which online course delivery system is best for your organization; let us help you!
Our 12 hours of work includes: a minimum or 4 collaborative working sessions, gathering the information about how your organization envisions using an LMS, assessing your technical requirements and business functional needs, rank your needs and requirements against the top LMS platforms that fit that criteria, document findings, create your personalized LMS recommendation report and a final meeting to review the outcomes and LMS recommendations.

Here is a course review checklist we have created for you. Use it to double check your courses before they go public.


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