People in Tech Podcast on eLearning with Kathryn Fortin from Fortech Solutions


Kathryn Fortin of Fortech Solutions is an eLearning Solutions architect and support analyst. With over 20 years of experience, Kathryn has been a part of the ever-changing eLearning experience to help launch companies to successful training. Kathryn, along with Caleb King, go into the roots of eLearning and the benefits to a company’s success.

People in Tech Podcast




Some of the hot topics covered include:

  •    Kathryn’s eLearning background
  •    What is eLearning?
  •    The value of eLearning
  •    What makes a successful eLearning course?
  •    Creating Edtech content
  •    Moodle
  •    Plus much more!!!

With so much involved in successful training what do you wish you knew about eLearning?

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