help desk

You know how to manage your business, but how do you make your support run more efficiently? We can help you be successful! With over twenty years’ experience working in IT and management consulting, we understand how to analyze your client’s’ needs and implement best practices, structure, and automation to streamline your services. So you can focus on what counts while being more productive and efficient in supporting your clients.

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Our Unique Approach:
Fortech analyzes each client’s existing support systems and business structure. This includes identifying what kind of help desk and support policies you need. After that, we revise or implement the help desk strategy while training the help desk staff. We also offer on-going maintenance and support after help desk deployment to keep you running smoothly.

Staying ahead of the ticket stampede and learning how to proactively resolve support issues is crucial for a positive client experience. Fortech Solutions knows that for best success, you must approach things proactively, rather than reactively. From streamlining ticket and issue management systems to internal and client training, we can help guide you to support success.

Targeted Training with Ticket Analysis
Are you using your helpdesk analytics to help you pinpoint your training? You should be! Lower your support costs by training your users on common support requests. You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

We specialize in:

  • Internal systems for tracking support and issue incidents
  • Support ticket workflow
  • Help desk support implementation
  • LMS support implementation