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Quality online training requires quality courses and the knowledge to manage and administer them. We understand that you have unique goals for your training, but wouldn’t it be nice to have access to your own team of eLearning experts to help you reach those goals?
Fortech Solutions can be your team!

Up Your Training Game

Did you know that people ONLY retain about 30% of what they learn from a traditional PowerPoint presentation? We can increase your Learners’ retention to 70-90%, decreasing your training costs. Here are some of the ways we can help you achieve this lofty target.

  • Strategic planning for holistic training programs
  • Training plans that effectively reach everyone – from millennials to Boomers
  • “Just in Time” training to keep your team on top of the most pertinent information
  • Blended learning to easily extend training
  • Mobile ready training
  • Incorporate eLearning with classroom/lab training to increase learner retention
  • Move Face-to-Face training online
  • Add online group collaboration
  • Incorporate online assessments with live training for real-time knowledge checks

Take your Training to the next level with Fortech

We can help you create the best course designs for your specific training situations. Our goal is to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention.
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  • Strategic and customized course design based on how your participants learn
  • Reporting plans to prove success
  • Revamp and Improve existing courses and content
  • Add gamification to motivate learners
  • Solutions to incentivize participants to complete training
  • Add 3D virtual training – bring the jobsite to the classroom
  • Reinforce training with scenario and simulation-based training

Turn your Subject Matter Expert’s Knowledge into Courses

Capture your SMEs tribal knowledge!
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  • We work with your SMEs to extract their expert knowledge and get it into a course for your team to learn
  • Experts are retiring; we document their experience so you don’t lose it!

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Train the Trainer (and course developers)

Learn to design courses specifically for your audience’s different knowledge levels and skill sets.
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  • Training for your course designers
  • Best practices in course development training for your team

eLearning Course Design

If your learners are not engaged, they won’t retain your content. Developing a great user experience and engaging online courses requires many different skills and disciplines. So make course design a key success factor for learner engagement!
Fortech brings more than 30 years of experience with IT management and solutioning to the eLearning arena. Let us take your training to the next level! For almost 10 years we have been helping clients and partners create and improve their eLearning infrastructure and course design to provide measurable success.

Additional Service Offerings:


  • Certified trainers in leadership, sexual harassment, safety, and diversity training
  • Certified Adobe Captivate Specialists
  • Custom eLearning developement & intagration
  • Connecting your systems – API integration projects
  • Finding the RIGHT LMS that fits your specific needs
  • LMS user and trainer support
  • LMS security analysis
  • Advanced LMS Management
  • Planning for integrating LMS support into your helpdesk
  • Webinar, virtual classroom support, and management
  • Workflow management, integration and streamlining
  • Simple video editing system that you can use and manage internally
  • Effective reporting strategies to track learners progress
  • Vacation coverage for your LMS administrator, user support, and instructional designers

Don’t see what you need here?

To check out more about these and other services we offer, please visit this page on our website.

Fortech Solutions can create a customized proposal based on your specific needs, or you can also choose services a la carte.

  • Project based
  • Block of hours
  • Monthly service plan
  • Customized Package