How to put it into words… ummmm… WOW!

I had such amazing time! Even with fighting the pain of a torn meniscus and having to be shuttled around due to my knee…the conference was awesome!  The sessions, the food, the games, the attendees, the organizers…All were awesome! 🙂 This was my fourth Moodle Moot and my first Mountain Moot, and I must say, the absolute best Moot by far.  The Moot bar has been raised so high, I’m not sure any other Moot will ever come close.  All past Moots I have been to were put on by vendors.  There were a couple vendors at this Moot, but they weren’t the main organizers…maybe that was a big part of it…whatever it was it was awesome (note to self…find a new word for awesome). Dan Case, Ryan Hazen and their team really delivered a wonderful and well organized conference.

I have to give huge thank you to Cynthia for driving the ENTIRE way to and from Helena, MT  and not leaving me alone the roadside and a huge thank you to Tyler for shuttling me around the campus!

If you haven’t been to the Mountain Moot and are looking for a great way to get the latest and greatest info on Moodle, and/or wanting to talk to others managing and using Moodle in their organizations…then you should really check it out.  It’s not the easiest to get to, but well worth it!

~ Kathryn

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