During some decompression time, after a long crazy week, a few of us at Fortech tried to come up with all the #LMS systems that we know.  It became a fun stroll down memory lane for some of us, with a few potholes full of nightmare reminders! Without divulging what systems left us with chilling impressions…here is the list of what we could remember working on:

#Moodle, #CanvasLMS (Instructure), Sakai, Desire to Learn #D2L, WebCT, Blackboard, Angel, Cornerstone, Adobe Captivate Prime, #Totara, ILIAS, eCollege, Skillsoft, SuccessFactors, SumTotal Systems, Blackboard Vista, eRacer, and 4 custom home grown systems in some well known companies (that we were migrating them off of, as they outgrew them)!

What is your count; how many LMS’s have you worked with?  

Needs some help with choosing an LMS, working with  or migrating to one?  Give us a call![/fusion_text]

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