Go the extra mile, It's never crowded

Today my Sephora LMS project wraps up. You never know what will land on your door step, and you never know what will come out of it. I recommend never turning down an opportunity, even when it’s scary. See where it will go. Even if it turns out bad, you have learned something new and made new connections. This project had opened many unexpected doors… Not just for me, but more importantly my entire team. LMS companies that I had never worked with are asking me and my team to partner with them on several projects. This has been a challenging project… But difficult situations bring great opportunities too!

From this project I created a presentation about how 12 of the top LMS platforms compared to each other… I submitted this to several conferences and will be speaking about over the next several months.

Moral of this story… take risks, jump in with both feet! You won’t be disappointed if you go in willing to take on the challenge and keep an open mind.

I’ve been asked to come back in a couple of weeks to attend the Enterprise Arch Council meeting, where all my and the teams hard work will be presented to the committee to get the ok to continue the findings of the project to a permanent solution. I’ve spent a couple of weeks putting the presentation together. I’m honored to be asked to come back and participate. ❤️


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