Next week I have the honor to be speaking at the US Moodle Moot conference in Philadelphia. Even better, I get to speak on a topic that I am passionate about!

I have seen way too many times where an organization was sold a piece of software that they will never be able to successfully use. This happens with LMS platforms far too often. Instead of getting help figuring out what will fit at a functional and technical needs level within the organization, they get dazzled by a salesman and sold something they don’t fully understand and possibly don’t even get all the training they need to use it successfully. If companies were taught to fully vet a platform before the purchase, truth be told, they probably wouldn’t have chosen it in the first place.

I was contracted for a dream project in December, to help a large company find the best fitting LMS platform. Solving a problem is my favorite thing to take on (yeah, I’m weird like that!) This included getting into the details of their functional needs on a platform and the technical limitations of their environment that would have to be solved. We thoroughly vetted platforms, starting at over 80 LMSs, going down to six for onsite demos!

The data that came out of this project was truly fascinating and some of it was very surprising. So I challenged myself to create a case-study presentation from the project…actually it’s turned in to several, but the main one is the one I am presenting next week. Here is the write up:

One size does not fit all! After a global company had two failed attempts at using different LMS systems, they decided to thoroughly analyze what would be the best fit for them. As the LMS SME on the project for a large international retailer, I helped them define and fine-tune their business and technical requirements, found LMS platforms that aligned with the business & technical needs, went through an RFP process and then an onsite demo of the platforms that made the cut, and then lastly, compared the finalists to see what LMS platforms would be asked to participate in the Proof of Concept phase. Come see how the project was defined and implemented based on the company’s needs & requirements. Moreover, come see which platforms were the winners and why!

If you are going to the conference, please ping me, come say hi and maybe grab a drink with me! And if you have a chance to sit in on my presentation, please let me know what you think; I’m always trying to improve my presentation skills.

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