There are numerous reasons for why people, or companies don’t ask for help, and the same reasons for not asking for help in those areas are the same as the reasons why people don’t ask for technical help. As a group of technical consultants here at Fortech Solutions we’ve seen them all. Funny thing is as unique and as different every one of those reasons are, they all seem to fall under the same three categories. Now we’re not going to go over every reason within each category but we are going to go over the three main reasons why most people and companies do not ask for technical help.  

Lack of Knowledge

Some people/companies don’t ask for help simply because they don’t know when something’s going wrong. In other words they might not know they need help. Obviously, People like this will not get help. They will get corrected. They’ll think what they’re doing is right until someone with a little more know-how comes by to show them otherwise. Then comes the real test when they have trouble doing wrong thing right. If they don’t ask for help in that case it’s because they either like their way better, or just do not like asking for help, which brings us to reason 2.


Both of the reasons for why an organization/person wouldn’t ask for help even after they’ve figured out their way is wrong pretty much fall under this category; and that’s when they can’t ask for help due to their ego. One of two things could be going on here: 1. Their method produces similar results, so they don’t see the point in changing it, or 2. They are simply embarrassed that they are unable to do it correctly. In the latter case it’s much easier to not try to do something you’re not good at.



Going off of the last reason, within the category of pride, a person/organization might not ask for help because they’re afraid of being figured out for not being able to do things the correct way, or simply because the right way isn’t cost-effective enough. A person could think that their lack of knowledge might cost them their job, while the right way might just cost a company too much money. Either way isn’t a good reason to continue doing things wrong.


These are the three main reasons why someone/an organization might not ask for technical help; lack of knowledge, pride, and fear. If doing things the wrong way looks right and is more cost-effective people, and companies will continue doing things incorrectly for as long as they possibly can, or as long as they can possibly get away with. The wrong way is usually easier, that’s what makes it so common and popular. Don’t put a price on quality if they’re going to help you and save you money in the long run. Please feel free to add anything you like by dropping a comment in the box below.

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