With the Moodle US Moot in Denver a few days away, and seeing as how we’ve already featured a few Moodle plugins last week we here at Fortech Solutions thought it would be a good idea to profile a few of our favorite themes.  


Considered the most popular for k-12 and businesses, the Fordson theme was designed to make the learning and teaching experience much easier for both, instructors and participants. Now instructors can manage their courses from anywhere within the interface using the course management dashboard, which also includes a new tool called, “location aware,” that is meant to speed up the overall course building process, while students can use their dashboard to see their grades, track their progress, and see their teachers’ contact info. With over 100 page styles for instructors to choose from, every aspect of every course designed by them using this theme was made to promote learning. Marketing options make it useful to companies too.


Most known for its customizability, the Adaptable theme is a continuation of the famous two-column BCU (Birmingham City University) theme, with a lot ofnew features. Some which include a front page ticker that allows administrators to decide what kind of announcements they want their students to see, a front page slider that provides as many slides as they want, also an alerts feature that allows administrators to decide how many alerts they want to put out and how they want them to be received by their students. One of the most noticeable additions to it is the layout builder, which allows administrators to design their own layout using a drag and drop feature.


Lambda isn’t free, but for only 50.00, teachers are looking at a fully customizable theme that comes with layouts, plugins, backgrounds, etc. One of the most notable features of this theme is the fully responsive web design provided by Bootstrap. Whether teachers or their students are at a desktop or using a mobile device, the Bootstrap grid system allows them to view their online learning environment from anywhere. It also allows users to display their content in multiple languages, given that the administrator knows the languages they’re trying to deliver their content in. With unlimited colors, font icons, front page settings, among so much morethe possibilities are endless.

Looks like that’s all we have here for today. If you know of anything we missed here in this list, or of any other Moodle themes you’d like to share with us, comments are more than welcome in the box below. Until next week, see us at Moodle US Moot.





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