Seeing as how in around two weeks Fortech Solutions is going to be at the Moodle US Moot in Denver we thought it would be a cool idea to go over some of our favorite Moodle plugins.

Level Up:*                             

The Level Up plugin is named after what happens whenever students achieve a certain level of progress, by way of achieving so many experience points. Level names are customizable and defined by your site administrator, who also defines the rules, in which these experience points are acquired and when the levels are met. Students can be instantly rewarded or penalized at any time to move up or down levels based on performance and behavior. This gives the teachers and their students a more engaging and beneficial experience.

Completion Progress Bar/Block:*

Also known as a short-term time management tool, the progress bar gives students a streamlined visual gauge of how they’re doing in the course they are taking. Each square in that bar is meant to represent an assignment or task in the course. The three colors reflect the status of each assignment, green means it’s been completed, yellow means turned in and awaiting grade, red means it’s overdue, while blue is meant to indicate future assignments coming up. In addition to that, the “NOW” indicator running across the top of the bar is meant to tell the student where they should be in the course.

Interactive Content/H5P:*

This Interactive Content tool has been around for awhile and it allows teachers to do exactly what the alternative name suggests and that is to add interactive content for free to their LMS. Some of the activities include interactive videos, memory games, drag and drop, image hot spots, collages, image sequencing, etc. One feature instructors seem to really enjoy is the ability to download, edit, and share the interactive content with their colleagues and students. You can check out a lot of samples at

As we said before in the intro these are just some of our favorite Moodle plugins, keyword, “some.” Expect more from us in the future for this LMS, among other eLearning industry topics. Also please feel free to tell us what your favorite plugins are in the comment box below.






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