Backup retention methods are used to protect data or software systems in the case of a malfunction, natural disaster, or theft.

Organizations that run many computers wonder what to consider when it comes to deciding on a good backup strategy. Fortech Solutions says that depends on what you’re trying to protect, and what the risks are.

In any case, we want to go over two types of storage strategies that we’ve used before that might best fit your needs.


On-site storage is when you store important data on a physical device like jump drives, hard drives, DVDs, and tapes.

For example you can hook up a local hard drive to each computer in your office once a week to back them all up. That’s like taking a weekly snapshot of everyone’s computer. Each drive you use and store away is going to have the same file, but at a different time. Standalone USB drives are less than $200.00, while the safe you use to keep them in can be somewhere around $50.00.

It’s the most inexpensive way to provide immediate access to data without having to use the internet. The biggest disadvantage of this storage method is there’s nothing you can do in the case of a theft.


You can access off-site storage from anywhere using the internet.

A good example of one device that does both on and off-site storage is the Backup Appliance. BA backs up the server and desktops to a hard drive inside the appliance, then sends the data to a cloud space for off site backup.

Cloud backup options are recurring monthly or annual subscriptions. The cost depends on how much data you’re backing up. With support and a hardware warranty, BAs costs around $2000.00.

Free off-site storage space from Google Drive have limits on free accounts. A business account from Google Drive starts at 15 GB, which isn’t enough to backup many computers.

Either way, this data would not be affected in the event of a catastrophe, or break-in. Only drawbacks of off-site storage would be slow, or no internet.


These backup retention methods are recommendations Fortech Solutions made based on client budgets and needs. Prices may vary, depending on the situation, but that’s a good reason to contact us.

Fortech Solutions is here to analyze your needs and help you decide. Give us a call or email us today to schedule a free consultation.

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