Loom, Our “Partridge in a Pear Tree”


Here at Fortech we are kicking off our 12 Days of EdTech Tools with Loom! What is Loom?

Loom is a quick and easy screen capture tool that you can access by adding the Loom extension to  your Google Chrome browser. Loom allows you to record your screen and adds a small video of you in the corner (if you want that).  Personally we think the small video adds a personal connection and engagement so we suggest keeping it.

We use Loom for how-to videos, support help, and to record short demos.



Loom offers free and paid options for this tool, so it’s easy to test out without paying for it.

From the workplace to the classroom, there are so many possibilities for this tool!

We hope you found this informative. Please join us tomorrow for the “Two Turtle Doves” Tool of our 12 Days of EdTech Tools.


Kathryn Fortin

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