Our “Nine Ladies Dancing” Tool is Wooclap

Our Ninth Day of our 12 Days of Edtech Tools is WooclapWooclap is relatively new to the US eLearning industry, but they’ve come out strong! This is a robust engagement tool that has a FREE option and additional low cost plans that add additional features and more users than FREE plan offers. Sign up with the code: FORTECH when you sign up and you will receive 20% off!

As we all have been trying to find more ways to connect virtually during the pandemic, Fortech used Wooclap this year to add engagement to our presentations during virtual conferences.

What really impressed me was their support.  I had a couple of weird glitches (it has to do with the conference having a license for all presenters and that I also had my own license and they were connected) and support cleared them up quickly, within an hour, so I could present and use their tool.

I was also pleased with how easily the tool worked within my PowerPoint (or Google slides) presentation and how it works inside ANY webinar/virtual meeting software.  You can check out the recording of my presentation at the above link.

“Rather than fighting smartphones, we’ve chosen to turn them into learning tools” ~ Sébastien Lebbe, CEO of Wooclap

It’s hard to design training that will fit for both face-to-face AND virtual training.        Adding Wooclap into your presentation for training, allows you to easily pivot, and use the same training in either scenario, without having to redesign a separate course for each.  That is a huge savings both in time and money!!!!

Tips & Tricks to add Wooclap to your presentation:

  • Sign up at Wooclap.com
  • Install the Wooclap Powerpoint add in
  • If you are using Powerpoint, it works best on Office 365. I use 2016, but then upload my presentation to office.com. You have to run it from there for the Wooclap plugin to work properly. (You can upload your presentation to Wooclap, but if you use any animation on your slides, you will lose that feature.)
  • When you are working in PowerPoint, the blank screens are where your questions from Wooclap are within your slide deck.
  • Make sure you embed the Wooclap intro screen into your presentation before you get to the questions. This will tell the attendees how to connect to Wooclap. 

  • When you are presenting, have the attendee view of Wooclap open on another monitor, so you can see what they see. 


  • On a Wooclap slide, click the overlay with the arrow to start the question for your attendees. The overlay will go away and at the same
    time, the question will appear on the attendees device.

  • You and your attendees will see their answers in real-time. On this question we are using the Word Cloud feature. The larger the word, the more people have used it for their answer.
  • Wooclap also has engagement reports that you can use as well.

We do not make any money if you sign up, we asked Wooclap for a discount code for our readers to use.  Sign up with the code: FORTECH when you sign up and you will receive 20% off! 

Please let us know if you try it out!  

We hope you found this informative. Please join us tomorrow for our “Ten Lords a Leaping” Tool of our 12 Days of EdTech Tools.


Kathryn Fortin

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