Our “Seven Swans A’ Swimming” is Seven Sites for Free Stock Photos

Our seventh day of our 12 Days of Edtech Tools are seven sites that we recommend that offer free stock photos.  There are many out there, but you do need to be careful and read the fine print.  Some will require attribution, some will let you edit the photos, etc. Just read and make sure you are legally set.

When trying to keep project costs low, we will turn to free stock images and/or have the client’s employees record video and images for the training.  This also adds another level of engagement with the trainees since they know the people in the course content.  We did this for the Ukiah Valley Fire Department.  

Our Favorite Free Stock Image Sites: 

Have you used any of these sites? What’s your favorite?

We hope you found this informative. Please join us tomorrow for the “Eight Maids A’ Milking” Tool of our 12 Days of EdTech Tools.


Kathryn Fortin

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