Our “Six Geese a Laying” is Trace

Our sixth day of our 12 Days of EdTech Tools is so cool, just like the company that made it, Trace by StickerMule!  

Trace is a simple, quick and easy tool to remove the backgrounds of any images.  It’s FREE, all you need is a StickerMule account.

What does Trace do? 

Trace removes the background of images?  Why would this be helpful for EdTech?  I have met several instructors that have a picture of someone or something but they want to remove the background.  Or maybe you have a snapshot of yourself and you need to send in a professional picture to some organization… you can remove the background, choose a solid color and you have a quick and easy headshot.   

It’s a simple process:

  1. Upload your picture

2.Wait for Trace to remove the background

  1. Add a new background, if you’d like, some are corny and fun, you can also upload your own.   

  1. Download your new picture

From the zoom calls to classrooms,  there are so many possibilities for these tools!

We hope you found this informative. Please join us tomorrow for the “Seven Swans a Swimming” tool of our 12 Days of EdTech Tools.


Kathryn Fortin

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