“Two Turtle Doves”, Our favorite Instructional Design software: Camtasia & Captivate

Our second day of our 12 Days of EdTech Tools is our two favorites for instructional design. They could be considered on the far ends of the easy to difficult spectrum, but they are both very useful and needed. Tech Smith’s Camtasia (easy to learn) and Adobe’s Captivate (on the harder to use end). 

Camtasia is easy to learn and carries a load of features and an amazing price!  Even a young adult with no Instructional design experience can easily learn it to turn out music videos on YouTube.  Check out this music video created with Camtasia by my friend’s son, Alex.

Maybe you need to create more intricate simulation training or more complex, multi-faceted training on a product, or bring a real-world object to the virtual world to train on it. Adobe Captivate is what we like to use in these cases. It has responsive design features to make your training shine on any device, and it really works well! I have created software training in the past on Captivate, that allowed learners to click through what looked like the actual software product and gave them feedback on the incorrect and correct clicks during the training.

Check out what we did for a client here: We created a digital version of their lighting wheel for virtual training. By the way, Darrel Tenter on our team is a Verified Adobe Captivate Specialist and created the virtual lighting wheel completely in Captivate!

We hope you found this informative. Please join us next time for the “Three French Hens” of our 12 Days of EdTech Tools.

Happy Holidays!

Kathryn Fortin

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