training programs

How effective is your training?  Are you offering on going leadership training to support management?

For Fortech Solutions, Training Development means building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your employees and helping them develop and achieve their potential so your company will and can succeed and grow in the future.  It is the process of changing an organization, its employees, its stakeholders, and groups of people within it, using planned and unplanned learning, in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage for the organization.

Fortech Solutions can customize your leadership and compliance training so  your employees  are more successful, supporting your team and lowering your training costs.

  • We have helped organizations utilize funded training programs by pinpointing and customizing training to fit their employees’ needs more effectively.

  • We can increase the retention of training material from a standard of 30% to 90%, saving your company money on repetitive training.
  • Using analytics, we can fine tune your training with measurable outcomes.
  • By using Fortech Solutions to help you develop your training, you retain the rights to your training.

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