Is your eLearning effective? Does your audience yawn, or yearn for more? Do you keep your courses up-to-date? Are you frustrated and overwhelmed?  Maybe now is the time to jump on the eLearning train and we’re here to help you do whatever it takes to increase your learner engagement and retention.

We work with you — whether you are an eLearning new-comer or veteran. We’ve worked with universities, elementary schools, non-profits, and private corporations.

Let’s get you started with eLearning and take your training to the next level. We can assist you in implementing and or upgrading your eLearning systems,  with customize content, enhancing  course design, or supplementing  content with engaging activities and tools.

We’re experts in managing many systems, including, Moodle, Adobe Connect, Sakai, Canvas, and Desire2Learn. and can assist your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to effectively get their content into courses.

Check out some of our eLearning awesomeness!

  • Documentation and Training — Personalized onsite face-to-face and remote implementations, training and support for your managers, site administrators, instructors, and end-users. Custom support, training, and professional development materials to meet your specific needs.
  • Moodle Customization & Reporting — Full installs, configuration, customization, integration with registration systems (SIS). Customized reporting on student grades, progress, and activities. Expertise in NROC quiz organization, standards alignments, and question management, using best practices in Moodle.
  • Even More Awesomeness — Substantial technical expertise in Moodle deployment, including converting course structure from older versions Moodle to current versions. Question categorization with state standards, quiz creation and customization, analysis of student learning within content, infrastructure assessments including if content should be local or hosted with based on available broadband.
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