Web 1.0

Focused us on connecting “to” the web where we were provided more information quickly…

web 1.0


Web 2.0

Focused You and I connecting “through” the web with others to share, participate and collaborate. I.E. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…

web 2.0


Web 3.0

3.0 brought Us all to being “within” the web, using 3D Learning Environments for collaboration, while being distances apart…

web 3.0


Why 3D Learning Environments?

Leveraging today’s technology, we will engage your teams development training and improve retention while incorporating 3D Learning Environments (3DLE).

  • Development /Learning can be broken down into two forms:
    • Teaching people how to do things; training is based on productivity.
    • The other form is creating collaborative environments; this training is based on Generative learning; centered on innovation and is a collaborative endeavor.
  • 3DLE is effective in immersion, engagement, and shouldn’t be over looked as a training platform.
  • Interactivity plus Immersion creates motivation to learn; by-product of engaging in an activity.
  • 3DLE fosters and promotes formal and informal learning with collaboration across your company.
  • 3DLE allows for both synchronous and asynchronous trainings.
  • 3DLE enhances the learning experience with simulations you can’t do in real time.
  • 3DLE is a cost effective solution for your training needs, especially if your in mult -locations.
  • We can build a world of learning, immersion and engagement for your company.

We can implement 3DLE for you in two ways:

  • Should you like to have a webinar, the training can still be used in this platform.
  • Or for those who want full immersion, we take your students into the 3D Environment, with their own avatar.

You can see from the 2D-3D chart, the advantages for using 3D.


3DLE works because of the Seven Sensibilities.

As an avatar you:

  • feel like you’re there with others
  • see you fellow co-workers as an avatar
  • can talk via voice or chat via text as you do in real time
  • can collaborate, practice and build working relationships

seven sensibilities